Online webinar InstaText for academic writing

How to use InstaText to increase your academic writing productivity


Speaker: Dr. MATEJ GUID, University professor, Co-founder & CEO of InstaText

If you work in academia and write scientific papers and books, prepare project submissions or develop teaching materials, this webinar is designed for you.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Academic writing and AI tools: challenges and use cases.

  • How to use InstaText to increase acceptance rates and shorten the time to publication.

  • Using InstaText within Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Overleaf.

Meet our speaker

Dr. Matej Guid is a professor at the University of Ljubljana. His research focuses on the development of artificial intelligence methods with applications in expert systems, intelligent tutoring systems and game playing. Here you can find an interview with Dr. Guid about the future of writing and other AI related topics.

User stories

“InstaText makes your text engaging to read, coherent, and professional-looking. Further, I feel that paragraphs corrected by InstaText look akin to what I see in top marketing and social psychology journals. It is a huge help for an academic writer because rather than focusing on making the text appealing, you can simply focus on what you want to say and build a logically unfolding narration.”

Dr. Michał Folwarczny
Postdoctoral Researcher

“InstaText has helped me not to waste my time writing, but to focus on producing new scientific results. It usually took me 2 months to produce a result and 4 to 6 months to write, edit and prepare a scientific paper. Now I spend this time producing new results, which is much more enjoyable for researchers. InstaText helps to reduce those months to just a few days.”

Dr. Saeid Fahimeh
University Professor