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Frequently asked questions



  • InstaText is a user-friendly writing and editing tool that focuses on rewriting your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional. InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable.

  • InstaText uses artificial intelligence and language technologies to generate recommendations and ideas on how to improve the text. The user interface in the browser allows you to easily accept and reject individual suggestions. It is very easy to use. See How to use for more details.

  • InstaText is an AI-powered writing assistant that can serve you as a very productive proofreader and editor. Some benefits according to experienced users are:

    • Improve my texts interactively and in real time.
    • Express my ideas clearly and concisely.
    • Boost my confidence and speed up my writing.
    • Improve my writing skills.

  • InstaText goes far beyond grammar, spelling and punctuation correction. It offers much more and deeper ideas for text improvement than grammar checkers. If necessary, sentences are completely rewritten and improvements are suggested based on the broader context of the topic. Read more in the article How InstaText differs from grammar checkers.

  • InstaText is available in the Chrome Web Store! Add it to the Chrome browser to use InstaText in Google Docs, Gmail, Outlook Web, Slack, WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, and Overleaf. No copy & paste required! Simply select the text you want to improve and click the button or press Ctrl/Cmd+D to send it for improvement. It's that easy! More browsers and applications will be supported soon. Read more: InstaText browser extensions.

  • InstaText helps people become more successful by improving their written communication. It is especially useful for academic writing, business proposals, copywriting, marketing materials, and revising translations. People also use InstaText for important emails and other important English texts.

Why InstaText

  • Where clarity and conciseness are very important, InstaText adds tremendous value. It helps you make your text easier to read and understand. Many researchers have confirmed that InstaText has helped them to significantly increase acceptance rates and shorten the time to publication.

  • Effective written communication is the key to success. InstaText helps you communicate clearly and effectively so that you are understood. InstaText rewrites your text to the level of a native speaker who is highly competent in written communication in English.

  • Using InstaText is the most productive way to proofread and edit. The editing stage of the writing process is where InstaText is particularly useful. And, as any experienced writer will tell you, the editing is the key to success.

  • InstaText makes your texts sound better. It helps you proofread and edit all kinds of content: blog posts, websites, whitepapers, etc. The browser extension is available on all major social media platforms, making your writing stand out. InstaText will boost your productivity.

Subscription information

  • You will receive an invoice by email immediately after your purchase. You can enter the details of your company or institution (click on the link "Add VAT/GST number"). You can also edit your invoice online later.

  • We accept payments by credit card and PayPal. Plans invoiced annually can also be paid by wire transfer.

  • The free plan starts with a short learning phase with a very limited number of words and improvement requests. After that, you can continue to use InstaText, but to a very limited extent: 2 daily text improvements, max. 1000 characters.

  • Yes. But if you don't want your subscription to renew, you can cancel it at any time - of course, your subscription will continue until its expiration date. Our online reseller and merchant,, handles order-related inquiries.

  • Sure, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will continue until its expiration date and there will be no further charges. Our online reseller and merchant,, handles order-related inquiries. You can also contact our support team.

  • Yes! We offer volume discounts on annual plans. We also offer special discounts for educational institutions. Please contact sales.

  • With¬†InstaText¬†One, you don't have to worry about character limits as long as you stay within reasonable limits of "fair use". The upper limit is several million characters per year and is difficult to reach even with intensive use. Even if you reach it, you will first receive a warning.

Privacy and Security

  • No. InstaText does not store the texts from your requests or their improvements. Only metadata about the request (e.g. the time of the request and the number of processed characters) are saved for billing and statistics purposes.

  • Yes. All our operations comply with European Union data protection laws. We guarantee InstaText subscribers that all texts are deleted immediately after the text improvement has been completed.


  • Please find our contact information here. Note that you must be a registered InstaText user to access this page.

  • Click on your display name in the menu and log out. Go to the Sign in page, click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions.

  • Update your browser for more security, speed and best performance with InstaText. We recommend popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. Note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

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