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InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker. In a matter of seconds.

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What our users say

InstaText is an amazing tool. I never submit a chapter to my publisher without first running it through InstaText. I’ve also noticed that my own writing has improved since I started using it. InstaText has taught me how to write better.

Marko Lukša
Software Engineer and Author

I can hardly imagine writing articles without InstaText. When I read through the proposed improvements, I immediately understand how the text should sound. It’s like a proofreader you can access at any time.

Dr. Jana Krivec
Senior Lecturer

InstaText is a great tool! I use it to improve English texts such as articles, projects and abstracts for conferences. The tool provides very useful suggestions that help me to translate the text to a professional level so that no additional review by “native speakers” is required. The time and money savings are obvious. I highly recommend it!

dr. Janez Konc
Senior Researcher

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