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Frequently asked questions

  • We accept payments by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Team plans can also be paid by bank transfer.

  • Sure, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will continue until its expiration date and there will be no further charges. You can cancel your subscription in your profile or simply contact our support team.

  • You will receive an invoice by email immediately after your purchase. You can enter the details of your company or institution (click on the link "Add VAT/GST number"). You can also edit your invoice online later.

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A comprehensive editing solution

Learn how InstaText improves your texts.

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling improvements

    The data datas we collected was were comprehensive.

    The impact of climate change is changes effects are widespread.

    We found finded a significant difference between in the two groups.

  • Styling and word choice improvements

    When we looked at the data, we noticed an interesting saw a pattern that was interesting.

    Pollution is taking its toll on doing bad things to our oceans and rivers.

    The results prove give proof that our theory was right.

  • Clarity and conciseness improvements

    Our With respect to our digital campaign, has increased there's a boost in brand awareness.

    The changes we have made to the design of our website design have resulted in led to an increase in the time visitors spend spent by visitors on the site page.

  • Sentence and paragraph rewrites

    Given the data, there is a high probability There is a significant likelihood, given the data, that our hypothesis is correct.

    In our study, it was observed It was observed in our study that the behavior of dolphins behaved differently when they are in a group compared to than when they are alone was different.

  • Tone and dialect adjustments

    American English → British English

    I didn't realise realize your favourite colour favorite color was blue.

    Informal tone → Formal tone

    I am sorry Sorry, but the delivery will be delayed late because of the weather.

  • Personal dictionary

    The company has a good credit rating credit score as its equity ratio is high.

    Stop changing "credit score" to "credit rating" with Personal dictionary

    The company has a good credit score as its equity ratio is high.

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