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  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling improvements

    The data datas we collected was were comprehensive.

    The impact of climate change is changes effects are widespread.

    We found finded a significant difference between in the two groups.

  • Styling and word choice improvements

    When we looked at the data, we noticed an interesting saw a pattern that was interesting.

    Pollution is taking its toll on doing bad things to our oceans and rivers.

    The results prove give proof that our theory was right.

  • Clarity and conciseness improvements

    Our With respect to our digital campaign, has increased there's a boost in brand awareness.

    The changes we have made to the design of our website design have resulted in led to an increase in the time visitors spend spent by visitors on the site page.

  • Sentence and paragraph rewrites

    Given the data, there is a high probability There is a significant likelihood, given the data, that our hypothesis is correct.

    In our study, it was observed It was observed in our study that the behavior of dolphins behaved differently when they are in a group than compared to when they are alone was different.

  • Tone and dialect adjustments

    American English → British English

    I didn't realise realize your favourite colour favorite color was blue.

    Informal tone → Formal tone

    I am sorry Sorry, but the delivery will be delayed late because of the weather.

  • Personal dictionary

    The company has a good credit rating credit score as its equity ratio is high.

    Stop changing "credit score" to "credit rating" with Personal dictionary

    The company has a good credit score as its equity ratio is high.

InstaText in companies, research and academia

It has been incredibly liberating to not agonize over every last word, secure in the knowledge that the AI has my back and will smooth out the occasional rough edge. That freedom alone boosted my daily word counts by more than 10%, which is gold dust!

Matthew Siege

InstaText helps me find the right words and expressions already during the writing process and to form sentences faster. It also gives me the certainty that what I have written is said in correct and understandable English.

Adrijana Leonardi
Specialist Research Associate

I can hardly imagine writing articles without InstaText. When I read through the proposed improvements, I immediately understand how the text should sound. It’s like a proofreader you can access at any time.

Dr. Jana Krivec
Senior Lecturer

InstaText is a great tool! I use it to improve English texts such as articles, projects and abstracts for conferences. The tool provides very useful suggestions that help me to translate the text to a professional level so that no additional review by “native speakers” is required. The time and money savings are obvious. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Janez Konc
Senior Researcher

InstaText was very helpful for me and my students. With its help we have published articles in several scientific journals with high impact factors.

Dr. Urška Vrabič Brodnjak
University Professor

I use your great program regularly and it is truly the best among all the tried grammar checking tools. Thank you very much for it!

Dr. Nives Kokeza
Author and Translator

InstaText is an amazing tool. I never submit a chapter to my publisher without first running it through InstaText. I’ve also noticed that my own writing has improved since I started using it. InstaText has taught me how to write better.

Marko Lukša

This AI-powered writing assistant is the most productive proofreader and editor you’ve ever worked with.

Jim Stonos
Writer and Editor