Improving scientific writing with InstaText

InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker. In a matter of seconds. InstaText focuses on rewriting a text for better understanding and readability. The aim is to simulate a native speaker and to achieve the quality of an experienced editor or proofreader who often rewrites the text completely.

Improving scientific writing with InstaText

Let us begin with the story of a professor at the university.

“Oh my God – so many mistakes,” she said after looking at the results of the automatically generated improvements of her early abstract of the Master’s thesis. “They’re not necessarily mistakes. These are just suggestions on how you can improve your text. You don’t have to accept them all.” Slowly she read through the text, and in the end she accepted all the suggestions.

“We put her original, somewhat awkward text into Grammarly Pro, and it only corrected a few commas.” Yeah, it wasn’t about grammar at all.

“That’s something else entirely,” she said excitedly. And it is. It was as if a native speaker had rewritten her text. In a few seconds.

Would you like to take a closer look at the text we are talking about? Well, here it is. This is actually one of the sample texts available in the InstaText Editor.

“It was a great relief. Suddenly the students can correct their own texts while I can concentrate on the technical aspects.”

The Writing Process

When writing scientific texts, InstaText is not only intended for proofreading, but is also very useful during the editing phase. Reviewing, revising and rewriting are the most difficult parts of the writing process. At the same time there is usually no one around to help us.

After the first draft is written, we usually check what we have written. We look for places where we can add more information and check if we have any unnecessary information. Getting a second opinion is a good way to know if our writing is clear and effective.

Then we go further and revise the structure and content of our text before we proofread it. We use our ideas from the previous step to rewrite our text and make improvements to the structure and content. Perhaps we need to explain something more clearly or add more details.

Only after the editing phase is finished, it is time to proofread the text. We check our spelling and grammar and think about the chosen words.

Writing can also be seen as an iterative process. The above steps can be repeated often, especially at the stage of reviewing, revising and rewriting. Iterative writing is a modern method of writing high-quality content using sophisticated AI tools.

Typical mistakes of non-native speakers

What typical mistakes do non-native English research authors make? “Besides wrong article use, missing prepositions, incorrect verb tense, incorrect adverb placement, and improper comma use?” you may ask.

Let’s take a look at the following example:

One of the typical mistakes is complicating for no particular reason. The words “more connected between each other” are understandable, but somewhat awkward to read, aren’t they? The use of “tends to be linked” is clear and effective.

Clear and effective writing

Much of scientific writing is about clarity. What is the consequence of having something great but not being understood?

We are in the process of finding out to what extent InstaText helps researchers publish their articles. The results so far are amazing: almost all papers were accepted immediately after improvement with Instatext. Here is one of the reviews of a journal paper. Needless to say, the paper was accepted for publication.

Review of a journal paper that was improved with InstaText.

Let’s take a look at the following video that demonstrates the use of InstaText (click on the play button):

InstaText for scientific writing

Why is InstaText so popular at research institutions and universities? These were the top answers by InstaText’s users:

  • Improve my texts interactively and in real time.
  • Express my ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Increase my chances of attending conferences and publishing papers.
  • Get more funding with successful project proposals.
  • Read reviews with pride and give the reviewers a confident response.
  • Minimize my costs for external editing and proofreading.
  • Rewrite my texts in a new, original way.

Would you agree with them? 🙂

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“I am a translator and proofreader by profession and have tried many editing tools. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all the other apps I’ve used so far don’t come close to InstaText. It is literally innovative and revolutionary and has taken the editing game to a new level, leaving other competitors in the dust.”

— Dr. Ghodrat Hassani, Researcher in Translation Studies

“I can hardly imagine writing articles without InstaText. When I read through the proposed improvements, I immediately understand how the text should sound. It’s like a proofreader you can access at any time.”

— Dr. Jana Krivec, Senior Lecturer

“InstaText is a great tool! I use it to improve English texts such as articles, projects and abstracts for conferences. The tool provides very useful suggestions that help me to translate the text to a professional level so that no additional review by “native speakers” is required. The time and money savings are obvious. I highly recommend it!”

— Dr. Janez Konc, Senior Researcher

InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker.