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Language settings

InstaText rewrites your texts in a way that preserves your authentic and unique voice, something that is valuable for any written content. The Language settings feature helps you adjust your English dialect, preserve your writing style, and make you sound like a native speaker.

Language settings

Various dialects of English are spoken all over the world. The grammar and punctuation in these dialects differ. Language settings are therefore important, as English is not universal.

InstantText lets you choose the language you want to use. It checks your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, depending on whether you are writing in American or British English, the two most commonly used dialects.

This includes correcting “colour” into “color” and vice versa, paying attention to the differences in collective nouns and verbs in the past tense, and even using the auxiliary verbs like “shall” that British people sometimes use to express the future. Americans go on vacation, while Brits go on holidays. New Yorkers live in apartments; Londoners live in flats.

You can easily select your dialect in InstaText. There is also a formality adjustment feature to adjust the tone of the content you create.

In the example above, the source text was written in British English and transformed into American English. InstaText takes into account your language settings to check not only for grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also for words that have equivalents in different dialects.

“University” has been transformed into “college”, “jumper” to “sweater” and so on. The goal is to make you sound like a native speaker, no matter what dialect of English it is. InstaText does a wonderful job here. By converting your text from one dialect to another with the right words, you can avoid confusion when trying to convey your message across.

The Language settings are accessible from the menu, right next to your Personal dictionary.

Let’s take a look at more details of InstaText’s Language settings feature.

Dialect adjustment

You can specify whether you want to use a British or American dialect to improve your writing. In addition to the differences in spelling between these dialects, InstaText also recognises a number of differences in grammar and punctuation and improves vocabulary according to the dialect you have chosen.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • auto: automatically recognise the intended dialect
  • UK: use British English
  • US: use American English

Suppose we chose American English as the target dialect and the original text was in British English:

By default, InstaText automatically detects the dialect you want to use.

Formality adjustment

Often the way you say something is as important as what you say. When writing to clients or distant colleagues, it’s important to strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism to build productive working relationships. You also need to choose words that convey the right tone to ensure your readers respond to your message the way you intend. InstaText offers a variety of suggestions to help you sound confident, polite, and respectful.

InstaText allows you to set the writing style you want and customise the types of suggestions you see.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • auto: automatically recognise the intended writing style
  • formal: use formal writing style
  • informal: use informal writing style

Suppose we chose informal as the target writing style and the original text was in formal writing style. Also, we chose American English as the target dialect and the original text was in British English:

InstaText also improves vocabulary according to your chosen writing style and your writing domain. The AI-based engine understands whether your text is from the field of academic writing, business, marketing, and so on. It excels in all types of subjects: Medicine, Engineering, Biology, Social Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Computer Science, Economics, etc. The AI engine is continuously improving, providing deep coverage of more and more subjects and domains.

Would you like to personalise your InstaText account even further? InstaText’s Personal dictionary allows you to retain words and word combinations that are part of your professional language or personal style. This feature will further increase your writing productivity.

Final thoughts

InstaText preserves your authentic and unique voice, something that is valuable for any written content. It acts like your writing assistant, guiding you through your entire text with concrete suggestions without ever losing your unique touch.

InstaText focuses on preserving your tone and making adjustments while still making your text sound like you. This is important because to create great content, your unique and authentic voice needs to stand out and this is what helps you convey your message across.

InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable. It helps you rewrite your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional. The Language settings feature helps you preserve your writing style and really make you sound like a native speaker.

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“I find InstaText very helpful. It makes me much faster in writing papers. I’m a perfectionist and usually spend (way too) much time finding the right words and making sure that sentences are easily readable even if the concepts are arbitrarily complicated. InstaText makes my life easier. I recommend it to any PhD student or researcher, whether a native English speaker or not.”

— Giulia Guidi, PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley

“It has been incredibly liberating to not agonize over every last word, secure in the knowledge that the AI has my back and will smooth out the occasional rough edge. That freedom alone boosted my daily word counts by more than 10%, which is gold dust!”

— Matthew Siege, Writer

“InstaText is a great tool! I use it to improve English texts such as articles, projects and abstracts for conferences. The tool provides very useful suggestions that help me to translate the text to a professional level so that no additional review by “native speakers” is required. The time and money savings are obvious. I highly recommend it!”

— Dr. Janez Konc, Senior Researcher

Using artificial intelligence and language technologies, InstaText automatically improves the clarity and style of a text.