How to become a native English writer?

InstaText is a smart editing and proofreading tool that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and turns your simple text into a understandable, concise and trustworthy text. Hence, it turns a writer into a professional communicator.

How to become a native English writer?

What means to be a successful communicator?

For a man or woman to be successful in business or academia, you have to be able to get the message across. Especially if you are writing in English, which happens not to be your native language. Communicating fluently in a language used by the entire world in everyday communication and business means you can quickly adapt to changes in your environment and successfully convey your message. In short, you need to be as good as a native speaker to maximize your chances of success.

If you are not already a fluent native English speaker, you will either need to train for years, or you will need to be some kind of prodigy who was made to learn English 24/7 by your academic parents. Or, which is popular these days, you can hire someone to do the work for you. But that has its own drawbacks, because it costs money and you cannot get real-time service when you need it. So do you really have to be superhuman or pay a hefty price instead to succeed at English writing? We do not think so!

Writing as a native speaker to maximizes our chances of success.

The age of digital writing aids

To check your text for grammar mistakes and to find out if your text is any good, there are already tools on the market that are quite good. Like the now famous Grammarly, which checks your English text for grammar errors as you write the text, and many others, some of which even use artificial intelligence to make your text look smarter.

Writing English text in today’s world has become easier than ever before in history. As you write the text, your new digital writing assistant corrects all your mistakes as you are writing the sentence, saving you from looking like a fool. The latter can be especially painful if the person you are writing to is very important for your future.

We want others to understand us and trust us on our word

As communicators, we want to be seen as true experts, as true professionals who can be trusted with other peoples children. To achieve this, you need to impress your future partner or your client with sophisticated language while remaining understandable and trustworthy.

The currently popular solutions on the market, as we write these lines, take care of putting commas where they belong, or can check your text for grammar and language errors in a few seconds. These can even suggest a certain word or replace it with a better one. This all should ensure your ultimate communication success. We do not see it that way.

The first impression is the most important one

Bare in mind that writing properly is always the right way to go. You should pay attention to how your message sounds not just looks; after all, you with your spoken and written communication you are showing the respect you have for the person you are communicating to. Making your language understandable is crucial part of the job. This goes for everybody, for all professional communicators, famous writers, the newspaper editors and your average Joe.

There are whole departments that take care of spoken and written communication and its form before going public. With the new era of digital writing assistants you would think that now all your problems are taken care of. Well, you would be wrong!

Grammarly is often aware that a text is not well written, but offers no concrete suggestions.

Keep control when communicating

It’s true that you can fix most of your grammar mistakes with simple tools like Grammarly and even Microsoft Word’s Spelling Wizard. It’s also true that this new writing digital tools can help you stay in control while you write your text in real time. It’s also true that many of these tools are much cheaper than hiring a service or person to do the work for you.

But in order to become a persuasive communicator, that is just not enough. To turn our written communication into a professionally written and concise text, we will need more than just a simple grammar correcting. This is especially true for professionals and academics who have to work with complicated concepts. These need to be »translated« into understandable language so that they can successfully convey their message to their business partners or to the academic world. As it has showed simple editing tools are just not enough. What we need is a smart editing tool!

You may be wondering, but how would this tool work? What we need is a software tool that is smart enough take your simple writings and turns it into a concise and professional looking text in real time. How do we get that such a solution you may ask yourself? Simple, we just add some cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix! And the good news is, it is already on the market. It’s called InstaText!

InstaText allows you to immediately understand how the text should sound.

Putting “smart” in grammar checking tools

The difference between other already available digital writing tools and InstaText is that Instatext was developed with a different goal in mind. The team of experts behind InstaText set out to improve all existing solutions on the market. But their main goal was to create a solution that understands what you are writing about!

InstaText is a similarly priced smart editing and proofreading tool that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and turns your simple text into a understandable, concise and trustworthy text. Hence, it turns a writer into a professional communicator. And the timing for Instatext is just perfect.

The life-changing value of smart digital writing in today’s age

Today there are millions of people around the world who need to communicate through digital means because their job requires it or they are simply forced to work from home. We live in the time of the pandemic after all. And to say the least, all these people really need an effective tool that will help them be more persuasive and efficient when communicating in English. Especially if they are communicating globally and themselves are not native speakers.

InstaText enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable.

The international team behind InstaText was determined to create a fully functional and smart personal writing assistant that can paraphrase your texts for you to sound as a native speaker and professional. This smart tool does it all, it improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors, and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable. Hence, InstaText goes much further in text enhancement than Grammarly!

InstaText offers more profound improvements than Grammarly or any other tool.

InstaText represents a paradigm shift

The technology behind InstaText represents a paradigm shift. The team of experts has managed to create a major shift by replacing existing technologies with the artificial intelligence developed for this purpose. It is easy to use, it is intuitive and provides much better control over the text than the existing tools in the market.

What is unique about it, it immediately understands the concept, how the text should sound and corrects it accordingly. User gets a gets a concrete solution in the form of a fully edited text! The use of the tool is very simple as it is automatic. After users copies the text into the dedicated text box the tool analyze the text and start to rephrase sentences in real time, suggesting more appropriate expressions, correcting grammatical errors. Leaving the user free to accept or reject them.

InstaText always provides a concrete solution in the form of a fully edited text.

Now you can sound like a English native speaker

Other available tools in the market tend to focus more on separate words, not a concept as a whole and that results in only partially corrected texts.

The recipe for success in professional writing is simple. You need to work fast, you must be able to translate your concept into a meaningful message and you need to sound professional, like a native speakers do. Not to mention that InstaText saves you a lot of money in just a matter of seconds that you would otherwise need to pay for editing and proofreading.

All of this is available as a free 14-day trial. The tool is also available on a monthly or annual basis. You can decide what suits you best.

With InstaText, you get a solution that puts you in the fast lane and makes your ride more comfortable. Just like a fast sports car in a place where everyone else has to make do with a bus.

This tool is outstanding, exceeded my expectations. I’m used to using Grammarly but Instatext is a more thorough tool and comes up with much better suggestions for rewrites. A game changer for editing.
— Stephan Skovlund, Business Consultant

I find InstaText very helpful. It makes me much faster in writing papers. I’m a perfectionist and usually spend (way too) much time finding the right words and making sure that sentences are easily readable even if the concepts are arbitrarily complicated. InstaText makes my life easier. I recommend it to any PhD student or researcher, whether a native English speaker or not.
— Giulia Guidi, PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley

InstaText is an amazing tool. I never submit a chapter to my publisher without first running it through InstaText. I’ve also noticed that my own writing has improved since I started using it. InstaText has taught me how to write better.
— Marko Lukša, Author