Introduction to InstaText

InstaText’s services are aimed at both non-native speakers and native speakers who use written language in their professional work communication.

Even if you write incredibly, it is always better if you have a second opinion about your text. InstaText can act as your writing partner who can review your writing and suggest improvements to you.

This short tutorial gives you a quick introduction to using InstaText to improve your writing and shows you how convenient it is to use.

Tip: a click on the InstaText logo will always bring you into your environment for improving the texts. However, you may need to sign in first.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Paste or enter your text in the left window.
Paste the text you want to check for improvements. You can also write a new text or edit the text. Click the IMPROVE TEXT button in the middle.

Hint: click the SAMPLE button above to obtain random sample text.

Step 2: See suggestions for improving the text.
In the right window, various suggestions for improvement are displayed. The revised text may include grammatical and other corrections, improved vocabulary and the use of words, word improvements, and even a complete rewrite of the text.

Step 3: Revise the improvements.
Compare the original text with the new text. Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept all the suggestions.

Move your mouse over any suggestion and click “REVERT” to revert this particular suggestion. You can also undo it by pressing the “UNDO” button.

Let’s revert the “way” / “form” pair (click on each word and REVERT it).

Step 4: Edit the text and see thesaurus.
You may want to edit the text while still watching the changes. A simple click on a word will show you groups of synonyms and short explanations.

Step 5: Review the new text.
Click the DIFF button above to hide the changes and read only the improved text. Inserted words are still underlined so you can pay attention to them.

Step 6: Copy the new text.
Click the button COPY above to copy the text to the clipboard. It will then be stored in memory so you can use it in your email, word processor, or wherever you need it.

Would you like to further improve your text?
Perhaps add or change something and recheck it again?
Simply press the RE-EDIT button (in the middle) and the latest version of your text on the right will move to the left window. You are back to Step 1 and can continue improving your text.

Ready for your own text? Press the CLEAR button and start over.

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First we used spellcheckers, then grammar checkers arrived. However, we have still missed a tool that can help us bring our language to the level of native speakers. All the more so if English is not our mother tongue.

InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker. In a matter of seconds. InstaText focuses on rewriting a text for better understanding and readability. The aim is to simulate a native speaker and to achieve the quality of an experienced proofreader who often rewrites the text completely.