Two ingredients that make you a successful content writer

To be a successful copywriter, you need to be able to produce great content that kills two birds with one stone: your copy needs to be both SEO-optimized and appealing to the human eye. What’s the best way to combine machine-readability and human-readability?

Two ingredients that make you a successful content writer

In this day and age, most of our personal and professional communication runs along digital highways. Most important of them all is the internet. The internet has its own natural law, if we can put it that way. The internet allows only the most relevant content to survive, the content deemed important enough to be displayed among the results by very specific algorithms that control internet search engines.

This is a brute game with many more losers than winners. To maintain their online visibility, individuals and businesses pay their hard-earned money to specialized agencies that ensure that the client’s website or product is listed high in the search results of the major search engines. And that costs the client a lot of money. And it’s not easy for the agency to achieve such a result either, to be perfectly honest. Why is that, you ask?

What does it take to be a successful content writer?

Quite simply, because it’s very complicated to be a super capable SEO agent and a natural born English native speaking writer at the same time. To be a successful writer, you need to be able to produce a superb content that kills two birds with one stone. First, the content must be SEO optimized, in other words, it must be machine readable. This means that it will be picked up quickly by prominent search engines and listed high among the results.

Secondly, it must be interesting enough for the user to read it in the first place, in other words, it must be so-called “human-readable”. This means that the author must be able to translate complex concepts into easily understandable content for the reader. The readability of the content and how popular the content is also affects how long and how high up the content will appear in search engine results.

For both of the above reasons, it pays to get it right. But that’s very hard to achieve if you are not a native English speaker or have little to no copywriting experience? Luckily, we have a solution that solves both of these problems!

How to communicate successfully in the digital age?

The all-in-one solution that helps us communicate successfully in the digital age is a combination of functionalities of various digital writing aids that can help us transform our writing into a functional marketing content. There are many excellent digital writing aids available in the market. Many of you have heard of Yoast, Hemmingway Editor or Grammarly. These are all popular grammar and spell check tools that you can combine when writing your content. And these are all advanced writing tools that can improve readability and also form.

But there’s more to readability than meets the eye! The machine readability that the above solutions focus on is very important for the purpose of getting the shape of the text right. There is an equally important or even more important aspect of readability – human readability. The one that focuses on human perception and desired understanding of your content. This one can make a real difference in whether or not you win over your audience in the long run! For this age-old problem, the digital gods have finally delivered the solution! InstaText is a digital writing aid that provides the skilled user with an all-in-one solution to improve machine and human readability and help you capture your audience.

A short introduction to InstaText. Easy to read means easy to understand.

InstaText: the all-in-one solution for improving machine and human readability

InstaText goes far beyond correcting grammar and spelling. When necessary, sentences are completely rewritten and suggestions for improvement are made, taking into account the wider context of the topic.

Reviewing, revising, and rewriting are the most difficult parts of the writing process. At the same time, there is usually no one around to help us with this. Ideally, as content writers, we would love to use a tool that rewrites each of our paragraphs to the level of a native speaker who is proficient in written communication in English.

By using artificial intelligence, InstaText proves to be an ideal solution for just that! In addition to machine readability features such as correcting grammatical errors, this writing aid enriches the text with suggestions for improving vocabulary and appropriate word usage. InstaText’s human-readability features go even further, transforming the entire sentence and placing it in the context of the text. This is exactly what non-native English speakers have been missing. How to clearly and concisely communicate their message and stop acting like an elephant in a China shop.

Clarity and conciseness are especially important for the readability of complex texts such as important emails, articles, reviews, marketing materials, blog posts, and project proposals, to name a few.

What is the best way to combine machine-readability and human-readability?

The structure of your content is very important for the machine-readability of your content. It follows various criteria that make your article easier for search engines to read and affects how high your content will be listed in the search engines. It therefore has a great impact on the SEO optimization of your content.

The criteria you should follow to make your content machine-readable.

To make your content machine-readable and have a smooth flow in your article, you need to maximize the use of transitional words. These mainly include because, therefore, furthermore, and more. Transition words tell you when the idea needs to move from one point to another. These words show a smooth flow in your written article.

Never start three or more consecutive sentences with the same word. This makes you sound robotic. The repetitive beginning of each sentence will annoy the reader. So, it’s best to use different words to start your sentences.

Simple words are better than pompous words. The same goes for short and clear sentences. They are better than long and unclear sentences. It is more important to convey the meaning of your sentence simply and effectively than to write complicated.

Write shorter paragraphs. A long paragraph is very tiring to look at. If you are a reader, you will definitely feel unmotivated to read a long and wordy paragraph. It is always better to write shorter paragraphs. This way, readers will be motivated to read more of the content. Express your ideas in a simple way and keep the paragraph short. One of the best ways to stick to paragraph length is to spread out subheadings. The same goes for sentences. Short sentences of 20 words or less are optimal.

Write in the active voice. Writing in the passive voice is not the best. The active voice sounds confident and assured as opposed to the passive voice. This is the main reason why the passive voice should be avoided. Most sentences that use the word through or the verb phrase to be + participle fall under passive voice.

The skilled user of InstaText will be able to put the criteria mentioned above into effect just by following InstaText’s proposals and accepting proposed solutions accordingly and by using one’s best judgment.

InstaText’s personal dictionary allows you to retain word combinations that are part of your professional language or personal style.

The criteria you should follow to make your content human-readable.

Clarity and conciseness, which are particularly important for human-readability, can be achieved by following these tips. Users can rely on InstaText’s built-in artificial intelligence to translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand content for the best possible results.

When writing complex texts, the following tips can be especially helpful.

Write to express, not to impress. The reader’s need to understand is more important than the writer’s desire to impress.

Choose words and phrases. Be specific, avoid unnecessary jargon, avoid wordiness, avoid high-sounding words, give enough details, use exact words, avoid ambiguity and vagueness.

Write good sentences. Use mostly simple sentences, combined with some compound sentences and occasionally complex sentences; avoid compound, complex sentences as much as possible.

Write good paragraphs. Pay attention to coherence within paragraphs and between paragraphs. Sentences must have a logical, clear, and smooth lining and flow of ideas, and paragraphs that follow each other must have a clear and smooth flow of related thoughts.

Every website has a specific target audience and needs the most relevant content. Content writing is still mostly done by human writers, and there are a seemingly endless number of content writing jobs every day. However, powerful AI tools are becoming increasingly important to keep up with demand.

The magic all-in-one combination in one product

InstaText has proven to be a very effective digital writing tool, capable of turning your written content into an easily readable and trustworthy document. The end result is SEO-optimized content that gives you the confidence that it is machine-readable and can hold its own at the top of global search engines. At the same time, InstaText conveys your message to your audience in the manner of an educated native English speaker. Powered by AI human-readability features, complex concepts are translated into easy-to-understand content, making your texts trustworthy and compelling, giving you an edge!

For more on the features and the use of InstaText, read this article: Improving English texts has never been easier.

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