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How InstaText differs from grammar checkers

InstaText goes far beyond correcting grammar and spelling. It improves the clarity and style of a text. If necessary, it completely rewrites sentences and makes suggestions for improvement that relate to the broader context of the topic.

How InstaText differs from grammar checkers

InstaText helps us write like a native speaker. Using artificial intelligence and language technologies, InstaText automatically improves the clarity and style of a text.

Spelling and grammar checkers do not meet the needs of non-native or less experienced authors and those who want more advanced text improvements. Effective language is much more than grammar, spelling and punctuation.

More sophisticated improvements such as sentence structure or context-specific word selection are often required to make the text clearer and more effective.

“Of course, there’s Grammarly, a writing assistant that checks the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity of your writing, corrects common errors, and occasionally gives you suggestions for rewording. The thing about Grammarly, though, is that it’s a good proofreader, but not an editor. And, as any skilled writer will be happy to tell you, the editing is the secret.”

Jim Stonos, Writer and Editor

The available solutions are far from the quality of an experienced human editor who often rewrites the text completely.

InstaText: “Grammarly on steroids”

InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker. In just a few seconds. It is a revolutionary innovation that goes far beyond correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If necessary, it completely rewrites sentences and suggests improvements based on the broader context of the topic.

Let’s take a look at the video that demonstrates the use of InstaText Editor:

InstaText helps you to write clearly and concisely, and to produce high quality and efficient sentences.

It creates recommendations and ideas on how to improve the content and make it more readable and understandable.

InstaText goes far deeper than grammar checkers.

Let’s compare the performance of InstaText with Grammarly, i.e. one of the grammar checkers. We will compare their performance in terms of generating ideas to improve the following sample text.

Note that this is a typical clumsy text from a non-native speaker.

Our research shows that knowledge of experts is not semantically different, but rather that information is more connected between each other. The conducted experiments demonstrated that the size of the procedural chunks and retrieval speed of chunks varies between people with different background knowledge. We unequivocally demonstrated that amount of recalled chunks varies according to knowledge and order of information.

Grammarly Premium

Below is the output generated by Grammarly Premium:

Suggestions generated by Grammarly Premium.

As is typical for the grammar checkers, Grammarly adheres as closely as possible to the original and reduces errors.

However, the clumsy parts of the paragraph remain unchanged even after corrections have been made.


Let’s now consider the output generated by InstaText:

Suggestions generated by InstaText.

InstaText focuses on rewriting a text for better understanding and readability. The aim is to simulate a native speaker who will help you improve your writing skills. InstaText supports a semantically meaningful difference visualization.

We do not need to accept everything – any suggestion can be rejected with a single click.

Reading the new version of the text allows you to immediately understand how the text should sound.

When Grammarly stops, InstaText continues

InstaText goes much further than Grammarly in improving texts, some even call it “Grammarly on steroids”.

It is based on a completely different and more powerful technology.

Grammarly Premium

Let’s look at another clumsy text from a non-native speaker.

Grammarly Premium recognizes a hard-to-read sentences, but doesn’t offer any suggestions.

Grammarly is well aware that the text is not well written, but offers no concrete suggestions – except to revise our text, which is obviously not enough.


In contrast, InstaText always offers concrete suggestions and helps you rewrite your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional.

InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable.

InstaText always provides a concrete solution in the form of a fully edited text….

It is clear that the author does not have to accept all suggestions. The interaction may require some effort, but the end result will be better.

… and makes them easy to understand in context.

You can always read the final version of the text. While reading, InstaText allows you to pay attention to the newly added words, which are highlighted with green color.

InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable.

InstaText for your browser

With InstaText Extension, you can use InstaText within your email client, inside a word processor, in a collaboration tool and even on social media platforms. No copy&paste required!

InstaText is now seamlessly integrated into 20 different applications, including your email client, word processor, collaboration tools, and social media platforms.

All functions of InstaText Editor are retained, including Language settings and Personal dictionary.

Here is a sneak peek at InstaText within Gmail.

Writing and editing tool

InstaText can be used at various stages of the writing process, from drafting to final proofreading. It is especially useful during editing. Reviewing, revising and rewriting are the most difficult parts of the writing process. At the same time, there is usually no one around to help.

Editing is the most demanding part of the writing process.

InstaText helps you restructure your paragraphs so that they are clearer and communicate more effectively. It helps you to be understood and to feel confident when writing.

Personal dictionary

InstaText’s Personal dictionary allows you to retain words and word combinations that are part of your professional language or personal style. This feature will further increase your writing productivity.

Unlike Grammarly Premium, which only allows one-word entries, InstaText’s Personal dictionary also allows you to enter multi-word entries. This is especially convenient, because it allows us to specify combinations of words that should not be changed by the engine.

Unlike Grammarly, InstaText’s Personal dictionary allows you to enter multi-word entries.

More on InstaText features

Here are some more features that are valuable to InstaText users.

InstaText fully respects your privacy – With InstaText, your texts are never stored. The InstaText browser extension does not “hijack” your web forms and does not proofread the text as you write it. You select the text and click the button or press Ctrl/Cmd+D to send it for improvement.

Correct all your mistakes with just one click – Unlike Grammarly, InstaText lets you correct your entire text at once with one click. And not just spelling and grammar. It also takes into account the context of the sentence. This greatly speeds up your writing process. Of course, you can revise the suggestions first and reject some before accepting everything else.

Turn concepts into written text – Instead of focusing on words, turn your ideas into meaningful messages in seconds by using methods such as rephrasing, suggesting appropriate phrases, and correcting grammatical errors.

Never lose your unique voice – Rewrite your texts based on suggestions that don’t take your essence out of your writing. You never have to sound like a machine.

Focus on your message – Paste your unfinished draft into InstaText without worrying about your grammar or readability. Focus on your message and your unique voice and InstaText will handle the rest.

Become a better writer – Develop your unique writing style while improving your grammar, vocabulary, and focusing on your message.

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Our team is constantly working on updates and improvements to make InstaText even better. There is a lot of innovation and various improvements coming, stay tuned. 😉

“This tool is outstanding, exceeded my expectations. I’m used to using Grammarly but InstaText is a more thorough tool and comes up with much better suggestions for rewrites. A game changer for editing.”

— Stephan Skovlund, Business Consultant

“I work in marketing, where I also do a lot of content creation, so InstaText and I have become good friends. It helps me polish my English texts every day at work. Not only is it a proofreading tool, but it also makes the text sound better. The AI behind it works great. I used to use Grammarly, but Instatext does a better job for me.”

— Barbara Viskovic, Marketing And Public Relations Specialist

“I am a translator and proofreader by profession and have tried many editing tools. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all the other apps I’ve used so far don’t come close to InstaText. It is literally innovative and revolutionary and has taken the editing game to a new level, leaving other competitors in the dust.”

— Dr. Ghodrat Hassani, Researcher in Translation Studies

InstaText is your personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts like a native speaker.